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Design in Your Home

If you have extra time this weekend, I know not all of us do, check out this section of the Caesarstone website.  It gives you the opportunity to design a kitchen using some of their stones.  I think it is a great way to help people visualize their dream kitchen.  It also gives you the ability to get creative and get some ideas for your own home.  If you are not interested in remodeling or building it is a great way to preoccupy yourself.

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We are back!

It has been sometime from our last post, probably close to a year, but we are back!  Things have been going great here and we have some great pictures to show you and prove it.  Below is a beautiful kitchen located right here in Buffalo NY! We absolutely love that they were able to mix the granite and marble.  Also the island is built up so it is about 2.5 inches thick.  The cabinetry and overall look of this house is truly a work of art.  Let us know what you think of this wonderful space.  ImageImageImageImage

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2013 Remodeling Trends

Now that the new year has set in, what will you be expecting to see as new remodeling trends?  Open layouts are one of the largest trends noted by many professionals.  Many remodeling projects are initiated because homeowners want to open up their homes.  Many professionals say they are going into homes to remove walls and open up rooms within houses.  Also, homeowners want to grow with their homes.  So when building or remodeling their houses they are being conscious of the future.   More specific trends we may start to see specifically is a move to a more clean and simple look, contemporary.  Clutter is being cut and people are looking for clean lines and simple looks.  At the same time, individuals are continuously trying to “go green,” because they are still concentrating on energy-efficient appliances and taking  it a step further and using recyclable materials.   Many professionals believe we will begin to see more quartz surfaces in the kitchen and Calacatta marble in the bathrooms.  What are your opinions on these latest trends?

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Is it Marble or Caesarstone?

Caesarstone has come out with 5 great new colors.  These new colors are intended to duplicated what nature has created, marble.    As mentioned multiple times on this blog, marble is a beautiful surface.  But it requires attention and is hard to maintain.  Although it does look beautiful it can be destroyed within a matter of years due to the staining and scratching.  Caesarstone noticed that the their clients desired the natural beauty of marble and they set out to make a product which will hopefully satisfy their desire for marble.  Below are pictures of the 5 new colors and a poll.  We would greatly appreciate it if you could participate in it.  We want to know if you think these new colors can be used as an option for marble.  The new Caesarstone colors will not stain or scratch, therefore it might be a better option for many people.  Let us know what you think! Do you think these stones look like marble??

**These pictures have been taken from**

Dreamy Marfil Emperadoro Frosty Carrina London Grey Piatra Gray

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Kitchen Appliance Trends

Kitchens are always changing, new trends pop up and some stay for a year or multiple years.  Below is a list of some of the latest trends I have researched and noticed in multiple homes.


Homeowners do not want to always see their appliances, they like to integrate them into their cabinets.  Below is an example of a dishwasher that has been integrated into the cabinetry.

Integrated Dishwasher Chalon

Warming Drawers

Warming drawers are a huge convenience.  You can set food aside for dinner guests that arrive late, and their food will remain warm.  Also, when you are cooking a big meal, like Thanksgiving, you can cook food throughout the day and set it in the drawer so it remains warm.

NewOffice012Handmade Custom Ranges

Want a wow factor in your kitchen?  Try the la Cornue custom ranges.  These ranges are custom ordered and handmade.  La Cornue ranges bring a sense of Old World Charm to the kitchen, but with a hefty price.

Kbis Kitchens 2008 La Cornue

Built In, One Button Coffee Makers

Waking up in the morning and making a cup of coffee can sometimes be  a hassle.  Then you have the coffee maker sitting on your counter all day.  So what about building it into the wall?  That is what many people are beginning to do.  Building a coffee maker into the wall incorporates the other trend of integrating the coffee maker into  the cabinetry.  Also, these coffee makers tend to be a “one button coffee maker.”  So all you have to do, is wake up and press a button, then you have your cup of coffee.    Below is a picture of a Miele coffee maker.

Miele 03

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Never to Early

Frosty Footpath - winter snow
Winter is here in Buffalo, NY and we all just want to curl up on our couches to stay warm.  But, while you are drinking hot chocolate by the fire maybe it is time to think about your renovation projects for the spring.  Although it may seem far away, it really isn’t.  Right now is a perfect time to get ideas and look around.  You are not under pressure to get the project done, so you can take your time looking around so you make the best decisions.  We recommend that you do as much research as you can and look at many pictures.  This way you can develop a sense of what you like.  Renovations can be expensive, therefore you want to make sure it will last for years after.  Check out some of our tips about iPhone/iPad applications to assist in the process.  Also, be sure to read about the different surfaces.  It is never to early to start planning for those projects happening 3 months down the road.

We would love to hear some of your recommendations when starting the remodeling/construction process.


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